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Reflect. Then Act.

On the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation give one day's pay to support Indigenous projects, movements, organizations and nations.

On Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th, 2021, One Day’s Pay launched a grassroots campaign to mobilize settlers to meaningfully recognize and commemorate the tragic history and ongoing legacy of residential schools, and to honour their survivors, their families and communities.


Guided by  The Circle on Philanthropy, an Indigenous women-led organization that works to mobilize the settler philanthropic sector to move funds to Indigenous-led projects, movements, organizations and nations, Canadians responded to One Day’s Pay's invitation to meaningfully act: raising almost half a million dollars for The Orange Shirt Society and Indian Residential School Survivors Society.


For year two, our goal is to reach more Canadians and raise money for four Indigenous-led organizations.

One Day. One Step.

Many Indigenous-led projects, organizations and movements either aren’t eligible to become registered charities or choose not to seek charitable status. One Day’s Pay invites those who can to give generously, abundantly, and without restriction. That includes giving without requiring a charitable tax receipt on September 30.

Our 2022 campaign has ended, more information on 2023 soon to come

The Next Step - Sharing on Social Media

Take one more step to maximize your contribution by helping to spread the word. Invite two friends to give by using the following social media graphics and/or our sample text below, or your own words:

"I just donated my one day's pay to Indigenous-led organizations @onedayspay. I invite @friend'sname and @friend'sname to take this step with me and give by September 30th."


Deeper Engagement

Giving is great and here are some ways you can engage deeper on the day of Truth and Reconciliation.

Guide to Deeper Engagement

Guide to Resources


Who We Are

We are a small group of friends and colleagues, both settlers and newcomers, who wanted to do more than reflect on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - we wanted to act.  We knew we were not alone in this.  The One Day’s Pay Team — guided by The Circle on Philanthropy — come from education, arts and entertainment, communications, philanthropy and design. 

The One Days Pay campaign relies on people who step forward and volunteer: from creating the branding to providing space, equipment, and labour for production.


Partnered With One Day's Pay 

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Media From Our 2022 Campaign

Here are links to some of the of media stories that One Day's Pay featured in. If you are a member of the media and would like to chat with us, please use our contact form below and add the word MEDIA in the top line of your message in the message box.

Media From Our 2021 Campaign


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